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Have you been working in your field for a few years now? Have you reached a level of repeated and routine work?

Are you wondering “how did I pick all of this in the first place?”

A mid-career “slump” is perfectly normal, whether you’re trying to break into the next level, or looking to change your current career path altogether but don’t know how. Coaching will help you re-discover!

Career Coaching Packages

Whether you’re facing a challenge breaking into your role or breaking into another career altogether, Discovery Career Coaching is for you. Tailored package options are available.

Getting selected for a job is not just about the resume or the interview alone. It’s about getting the whole process right from A to Z! If you’re applying to jobs and not getting selected, this coaching package is for you.

A lot of new and recent immigrants often face a challenge in getting the role and level they’re already at. This coaching package has a specific focus on how to increase of your chances of success in the Canadian job market.

Career coacing packages
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Aisha, Senior Communications Expert

"Self-reflection has always been challenging for me, especially when trying to figure out my next career move. Lama had a way of helping me work through my many interests so that I could prioritize what I should be looking for not just in my next job, but in strengthening my personal goals as well. Lama is a great communicator and support system and it feels great to have her in my corner. Thank you, Lama!"

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