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A [Good] Point of No Return - Continued

Take-forwards to 2020

Have you noticed these before?

After I took note of my “take-aways” from 2019, I noticed that they were all things I’ve heard of or read about before, so why didn’t I pay attention before? If last week’s blog resonated with you at all, read on and comment/share if these take-aways now resonate with you differently. And if they don’t, why?

Last week, the first lesson I mentioned was around the time I took my 16-year-old niece away on a trip, just the two of us. Besides staying disconnected so I can bond with her, I decided to not even connect to the resort wifi. After the five days there, I noticed a refreshed level of energy that was like no other vacation ever before. Literally didn’t realize this feeling existed! Yes, it’s easier said than done, but only until you discover you can get something you’ve never even imagined before.

LESSON 1: When you’re taking time off, TAKE THE TIME OFF! Unplug, tell people you can’t respond, you won’t have access to your phone, email. Discover the actual intent of vacations. The pay-off is an alien feeling! Get curious.

I took a dive into the coaching course not fully knowing what I would do after it. Start my own practice? Look for a job? Volunteer? All good options, but how will I even jump in? Enter my classmates, who, whether or not this was pure luck, were there with the mentality of “we all rise together”. My kinda people! But they’re all also gonna be coaches, aren’t they the competition? Why would they even want to help? I don’t even know if I can help them back?

With some persistence and a few fun outings and frank heart to heart conversations, I threw all those questions out the window. These classmates/friends continue checking in to this day and we constantly exchange help.

LESSON 2: When you find those people around you that truly and genuinely want you all to rise together, stick to them like there’s no tomorrow. No matter how much we think that we’ll have to achieve things alone, you will reach that point when you’ll need someone to help you up. Find your tribe!!

Be spontaneous? Me?? No no, you must be mistaken. It’s not me, and I don’t have time, and, like, what the heck good is it even gonna do? For whatever reason, that trip last July that I ended up jumping on answered those questions for me. I had already hung out with some friends on a few different occasions in the first half of the year, but this trip with these friends and those places we went, they were the ones that gave me a different coloured fuel for the next steps I had to take. I would have robbed myself of that creativity spark!!

LESSON 3: There is no cap on having a good time with good friends. In fact, this is fuel. It keeps you going. If there is no apparent good reason not to hang out with your close friends, even if you have to fly there, then do it! YOLO!!!

This one’s a bit heavier, but oh so important:

LESSON 4: You think you know, but you have no idea. Things like grief and loss and self-love and so many others don’t have a “process” or “road map”. While you’re grieving and also trying to keep your life moving forward, allow yourself to receive love. Allow others to help you. Allow the light in.

Have you experienced or come across these lessons before? What did you do?

What’s YOUR biggest take away that you’re bringing forward into 2020?


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