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Another word for 'Failure'​

Yesterday, I was catching up with my cousin about how we’re doing with our work, careers, big girl dreams, etc. And she’s one smart cookie.

Entrepreneurship runs in her family’s blood, they’ve all got that bug. So we talked about this and that, the tough parts, the fun parts, the parts where you wanna scream and the parts where you wanna jump up and down in joy. My cousin is in Egypt and I’m in Canada…she’s married and has kids and I just take care of me. But we found that all the struggles, concerns, and celebrations when it came to our careers and goals had the same essence at the end of the day: we all just want to do work with purpose and meaning, that gives us inner peace that at the end of each day and year passing, we know we’re not “wasting” our lives.

This question then raises itself: When we’re right in the middle of our work, do we know 110% that this is the right thing to do? Let’s be honest with ourselves, everyone has likely asked this at one point or another. Because even when you are doing the right thing, you run up against moments of self-doubt and questioning.

After all the venting, excitement, and laughs, though, somehow the perspective that flashed in my face is this:

Everything you perceived as negative at some point before somehow turned out to be a positive thing. So at worst, what you’re doing now, if not the ‘destination’ for the moment, is actually preparing you then for the next amazing thing that’s about to happen.

And I just got so excited. I got excited about all the things I’m supposed to try that I’m so scared of, I got excited about the potential, I even got excited about the failures. They’re all just there to prepare me for greatness!

So that’s what it all boils down to, my friends! Try out shifting your perspective just a tiny bit by applying these assumptions:

  1. At any given point in time, we are each trying the best we can with what we know

  2. Whether we think something is “bad” or not, life has placed us at this exact place in this exact situation for a specific reason, and this reason is meant to have a positive intent for us

  3. Therefore, if we focus and set our intent towards a positive forward motion, it means that whatever the situation we’re in right now is preparing us for something. Are we paying attention to what it’s telling us?

What do you think?


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